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17 Fresh Blog Content Ideas

Fresh Blogs Content

Fresh Blogs Content, Miami, FLAs we talked about last week, keeping fresh blog content on your website that is relevant and timely is crucial to your search engine optimization ranking and people finding you online. If you missed it, check it out here at Keep Your Website Fresh. But, what sort of content should you focus on? Their are so many ideas that come to mind, be sure and check out our list below for fresh blog content ideas.

The best way to get somebody’s attention and keep them engaged is to talk about something that interests them, a possible solution to their problem, or a potential outcome they are seeking. If you fail to attract their attention, their is no reason for them to stay on your site and you will have increased bounce rate. If you need to learn more about what bounce rate is, check out Who Doesn’t Use Google Analytics. Resist the urge to talk about yourself or your business in the headline or the opening sentence of your content.

Try using the following keywords and headline templates in your own content to get the attention of your audience.

Fresh Blog Content Ideas:

We wanted to come up with some simple ideas that you could use for your target market for upcoming blog posts, free offers, or even case studies. So in this case, we will use the spa industry and wellness centers for fresh blog content ideas. Just enter your industry where we have “spa or wellness centers” and use our tips for your target market.

1. The 3 things every spa owner must know before…

What are 3 things they must know. Think of what spa owners must know to stay in business, this is just one idea. If you’re in the health industry, you could use The 3 things you must know before coaching with a health coach. If you have 5 things to tell them, don’t get stuck on the number.

2. The luxury spa guide to…

Here’s another one of those fresh blog content ideas, what kind of guide can you talk about that your community is dying to know about. The spa industry could have a guide “The Luxury Spa Guide” to getting the most out of your stay. If your in the health and wellness field, your guide could be to “The Health & Wellness Guide”, how to improve your health in just 30 days.

3. 10 questions to ask your…

What are 10 questions you could ask, or interview someone about your industry. What are the top 10 questions you would ask?

4. What day spa clients need to know about…

You could write your blog content post on what are the top things that day spa clients need to know about; is it cleanliness, promptness of appointments, environment the list goes on. Just start writing your ideas down on a piece of paper and then go write your blog post or article.

5. The 5 big mistakes wellness centers make when…

If you own a wellness center, you could talk about the 5 big mistakes that wellness centers make when not ensuring their clients understand their health needs. If you own a spa, you could write an article on the 5 biggest mistakes spa clients make when neglecting taking time out for themselves.

6. Spa industry insiders’ secrets to…

You could write an article to a magazine on Spa industry insiders’ secret to running a profitable spa. You could also get a backlink to your website, therefore improving your SEO ranking, what’s not to like about that.

7. 8 way’s your clients can get results now.

This one you can easily write, think of the 8 ways for clients to get results by coaching with you. It could be, feeling better, having more energy, reduced cholesterol, and so on.

8. Exclusive offer for luxury spa previous clients.

Offer previous clients a offer that they won’t be able to refuse. Remember, its always easier to keep a current client, then to go find a new one.  Keep your clients happy.

9. What they don’t tell spa clients that they need to know.

Here you can tell spa clients what they need to know before booking sessions at your spa. Here you can tell them what they should expect upon a visit to your spa, whether that is about the spa, the environment, accommodations, expectations, you see how much content you could come up with here.

10. Startling news for recipients of spa memberships.

This one is great, because you can talk about the benefits of a spa membership. You can talk about the health benefits of a spa membership, improving their health for years to come. You get the idea here.

11. Turbocharge your clients health results.

Tell your clients how they can turbocharge or supercharge their results, by working with you. How will it benefit them, what’s the difference between working with you or just another health coach. Tell them how you are different.

12. The health & wellness insiders’ advantage…

Tell them the advantage of working with a health & wellness company versus trying to go it alone. Tell them how you will working with individually and how they will get better results.

13. How you stack up against your spa competitors.

Tell and also show your community or followers how you stack up the competition. Prove how you are different than others in the spa industry and how you truly care about you clients results. The results will speak for themselves.

14. The best kept secret in the wellness industry is…

Tell your readers what the best kept secrets are in the wellness industry. If you’re in the spa industry, tell them how they can discover these secrets that you already know about.

15. The worst kept secret in the wellness industry is…

Talk about the worst kept secret in the wellness industry, here you could be talking about a certain kind of food that everybody knows about, but does nothing about it. You get the idea.

16. The spa industries new best friend…

Here you might talk about the new tools for spa owners to use in their spa’s and how it helps their clients. You could talk about new aromatherapy ideas here. The list goes on and on. You might even have “The top 10 new discovers we use in our spa’s and how they benefit you”.

17. Other handy words to keep in mind include: promise, problem, big picture, outcome, results, roadblocks, rookie mistakes, success stories, secrets, tips, tricks, techniques, riveting, claim your…

These are just a few keywords that you might want to use in your posts, articles, and even magazine pieces. Get that imagination going.

Listed above are lots of great fresh blog content ideas. Sometimes you just need some ideas to get those creative juices flowing. We have given you plenty of fresh blog content ideas, so go get started, take action and get results. Happy writing! Let us know which idea your are going to use for your next blog article will be on, we would love to hear it and let us know if this article on fresh blog content was helpful to you.