Client Services

The Local Knock focuses on working with local businesses (brick n’ mortar vs online businesses) to monetize their websites and get more visibility and exposure locally. That equates to more local customers for your business.

We partner with your business to monetize your website and other online marketing avenues. We put the pieces of the puzzle together to build grow your website and business.

We also coordinate your entire online presence to incorporate your social media presence which can build your SEO ranking. Should you need a website, we can help with that as well. We love WordPress, that is why we specialize in building custom WordPress websites. Additionally, we would create the custom graphics for your website.

How Are We Different?

We work with you individually, you won’t get an agency staff member here.  We work to monetize that beautiful website you have already built.  We follow SEO best practices to get people to find you online.  In return, you make more money because people are coming to you because they know they want to work with you.

If we build a website for you, its guaranteed that its built with SEO in mind as that is our specialty.  That’s where a lot of designers miss the beat, they build a beautiful website, but they don’t take into account the SEO best practices like we do at The Local Knock. If visitors can’t find your site, you have just wasted precious resources.  We put the money you invested to good use.

This is a key factor of how we are different, we know both the SEO world as well as the design world.  That’s really important for our clients. Our clients expect to get a beautiful, branded website that is built on the foundations of great SEO, that is why they come to us and that’s why you are here.

Client Services

The client services that we provide are SEO (search engine optimization), Local SEO, and Google Analytics. Take a minute and check out each service we offer.

Client Testimonial:

I am a psychotherapist and provide my counseling services in my office in Aventura, Florida which means I depend on local traffic, and I just was not getting the response I wanted or needed from my online presence.

Sandra took me step by step through her working process, showing me how she would increase my visibility, which in turn would increase my business. Sandra set up my local SEO so that I would not be lost in a sea of other providers in my area.

With her technological expertise and her professional skills, Sandra helped me measurably increase my business. She is knowledgeable, professional, yet very down to earth. I was extremely happy with the results, and highly recommend her to anyone looking to move their small business forward.

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